Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Differences in the Team!!!

"If all are thinking alike then no one is thinking."

How true it is. Many time we find that the like minded people gets closer and form a group, the family has similar likes and dislikes, and we somehow start getting the feeling that it is similar experience, that has given us similar thoughts, and that make us comfortable in each others company and hence we start enjoying it.

There is nothing wrong in having similar thoughts, if you formed those independently without any external influence. But, often you will observe that the origin of similar thoughts is not like this, it is either, if we are in power, through influencing others on how our thoughts are good; or if we don't enjoy that power in the group, we get influenced. Why do we do that? Because we want to be in the group. This is where the problem starts, now we don't add any value to the group with our brain, rather to be in the group we start manipulating the brain, and we give the input that the next person likes.

By nature a human being want to live in a comfortable environment, that is true physically and mentally. But we tend to forget, that "Personal comfort is the biggest enemy of personal development". 

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