Friday, June 1, 2012

Choose your own reaction!!!

"nirlajyam sada sukhi" in English it means "an ashamed person is always happy." Now, don't stop reading further, because I am not gonna tell you to be ashamed to be happy, rather my point is to be happy, is your choice and you sure can control it.

There are always two types of things which are happening around you, one what you do and rest what others do. You can control your behavior, and hence you control your reaction, rather many times it is this end result, how you want to feel, that influence your behavior.

The difficult part is our joy and sorrow are our reaction to others behavior. Should and can we control this? My answer to both the questions is YES!

The answer to 'should' part is very important, we do need to always remember that its our life and we should decide what makes us happy or unhappy,this is nothing but owning our life in true sense.
Once you believe in the the fact that it is your right, then the second part of the question is, can we really do it? Simple answer is yes, but remember this is a journey, and it is tough one, but be sure the destination is worth it so give it a try.

Now two things which we need to check for others behavior are can we control it and second thing is can we influence it. If we can control or even influence the behavior then we should give it a try and try to put it on the right track. If we can neither  control nor influence the behavior then we are left with just one option and that is to accept it.

You will see that many things that disturbs us falls in the category where we have to simply accept it and move on. It is really very difficult to acknowledge this fact that there are many things which we simply have to accept, without any choice. Does that mean we are weak? Yes, we are, should we get disturbed for this, no just accept it!

Also please remember that we are discussing about the behaviour of others, it has nothing to do with your capability. The 'weakness' which is referred in above paragraph can actually become our strength if we really start detaching our reaction from others behaviour.