Friday, March 27, 2015

Three factors of success...

Today got an opportunity to attend an Sure Mantra for Success session by Swamini Vimalanandaji at Chinmaya Mission, Ann Arbor. Here are my notes from a beautiful lecture.

There are three important things for a success in life, for a person or for an organization.
1) यंत्र / Machine / Resources / Tools:
Yantra are the machines, tools that we use to make our job easy and to achieve the goal. A mobile is good example of the machine, it has a lot of potential and many times we don't realize the complete potential and hence don't use the machine to its complete potential.
The other important thing to remember about the machine is, it is for us to use and make our job/life easier, and not the other way round. Many times we become so obsessed with the machines that we become so dependent on them. All the people glued to the mobiles / Tabs / Laptops / TVs are the one who dependent on the machines and have forgotten about the priorities.

So, basically the machines are important for us and what is even more important is to how to use those machines for our advantage, that brings us to the second important factor for success -

2) तंत्र / Methodology / Policy:
As we learned from the 1st factor, machine, it is important for our success, but we need to ensure that we use them correctly, and that's when the Methodology comes in to the picture. Methodology or Policy helps us to how to use the machine effectively. If we only have the machine, without knowing how and when to use it effectively, it will be  of no use. So, a machine without correct methodology / policy is of no use. We need to set up the process of how to use the machines, the manners, the time and that only will help us to use the machine effectively. Basically, I own a car, but I cannot use it if I don't know how to drive it.

So, now we have the correct machine, we know how to use the machine effectively and we don't know why we want to use the machine. So, taking that Car example forward, I own a car, I know how to drive a car, and I don't know where to go? Will I achieve my goal, if I don't know where I want to go? That brings us to the very important and third factor of success -

3) मंत्र / Mission / Goal :
Mission defines where we want to go, and that is very important factor of our journey to success.If we don't know where we want to go then obviously it will not help whether which high class machine we have and what high standard methodology we have developed.If we have the mission, then we that by itself is enough to achieve the goal, as we will find the required resources and develop the required methodologies and achieve our mantra / mission.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

My notes from Harsha Bhogle's IIMA address

After watching Harsha Bhogle's hour long address to IIMA students, i am so impressed that i wanted to write something about it, so here it is. These are just the notes from his famous and really helpful address. 

1) Always keep your mouth shut and ears open 
2) The real question that we should be asking our self, when we set a goal, a target is, what is more important the end result or the path?
  • End gives us the vision 
  • End becomes the driver of ambition but ambitious can create anxiety and can choke you when its time for you to perform.
  • The importance of end can create a temptation to do whatever it takes to achieve it (ethics??)
  • Always adhere to ethics 
  • Make the process of achievement supreme make results irrelevant 
  • Do the best that u can and get what u get 
  • Alan Border's advice to Australian new comers "Take care of runs, dollars will take care of itself"
  • Practice to give 100% every time, so when you have to give your 100% its not new to you. If you give 100% and you still fail, then you don't have to give any excuses, because you know you can not do anything more than 100%.
  • कर्मणे वाधिकारस्ते माँ फलेचु कदाचन 
3) Work as hard as you can.
4) You don't have any control on what others are going to do, you only have control over your self. 
6) Always surround yourself with people who are better than you, need not be in your profession, learn from experts of other professions and apply in yours 
7) Happily bat at non strikers end, don't compete, help others look, better you will automatically look better 
8) If you have ego and anger on your side you don't need an enemy. These two things will consume your energy and destroy you. 
9) Talent can open fist or may be second door of success for you, but if you want to be achieve outstanding success then you need a great attitude.
10) Even with outstanding talent you will fail, and if u bounce back from failure its attitude 

Here is a link, if you want to watch it yourself -