Thursday, April 19, 2012

Success in a team!

So what contributes to ones success in a team? My take on this will be 2D - Dedication and Discipline.
For me if a person is 100% dedicated towards what he/she is doing while following a set discipline or by setting a discipline then no one can stop you from being a star performer.
We actually can look at multiple examples which can prove this -
a) Sachin Tendulakar, highly talented player, but what separates him from other equally (or may be more) talented player is his dedication and discipline towards the game.
b) Rahul Dravid, highly successful player, but did he carried the talent from his birth, arguably NO. He nourished the talent by his well know dedication and rigid routine.

Both these Ds are so critical because these can only be measured over a long period of time, and so thus the success!

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